0 Protea announce new cassette system to be showcased at Saltex 2012

Protea Heavy Duty series of cylinder mowers were designed from the outset with a self-contained, exchangeable cutter unit. This allows the complete assembly to be replaced as a single unit. The cutter assembly is extremely rigid and remains accurately aligned when fitted.

This system has now been further developed to permit the use of a variety of reels and extend the machines' applications to scarifying, verticutting, aeration and brushing.

Unlike conventional cassettes, Protea cassettes are bolted rigidly to the chassis and do not flex or chatter in use.

Initially developed as a special project for the World Cup in 2011, when 87 Protea 914HD 36-inch cylinder mowers were supplied to soccer stadia throughout southern Africa, the cassette system is now being made available to European customers.

In keeping with Protea's policy of product compatibility, all new cassettes will fit existing machines. Initially available in 30-inch widths for the 760HD, the full range of cassettes will also be made available for the 20-inch 510SC, the 24-inch 610HD and the 36-inch 914HD.

protea cassette1 Protea 2
protea 4 protea 3

This system is designed and engineered to accommodate almost any type of reel. For 2012-13, the range comprises an 8-blade cutting unit, a verticutter, two versions of the scarifier with straight or offset blades (the former of which can also be used as an unpowered slitter) and a brushing unit.

A sorrel roller will be added for Spring 2013.

It ia also planned to build custom reels to special order, including 6-blade and 12-blade cutting cylinders with standard or shaver bottom blades, tungsten-tipped scarifiers with or without fan blades and specially designed slitter reels.

Surprisingly, all reels will cost the same.

However, the greatest shock is the price - the 30-inch system will cost just £750 per cassette and £3,400 for the motor unit!

Protea's reputation for sound engineering, coupled with an aggressive pricing policy, continues to offer users unrivalled value for money. Protea products are available exclusively through their European distributor Rivendell Projects Limited. For more information call 01949-851420.
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