0 Reesink e-vehicles represents SALTEX sustainability theme

Reesink e-Vehicles is best placed for representing for this year's sustainability theme at SALTEX. Dedicated solely to electric utility vehicles, the company is bringing two sustainable solutions from STAR EV and KAASPEED to demonstrate how transporting cargo and people can be clean, green, cost-effective and fun.

STAR EV's Capella 2H Lifted is the all-electric rival to the petrol and diesel 'mules' in the utility vehicles category.

The first in the line-up is the Capella 2H Lifted, a reliable and proven electric UTV for transporting people or carrying materials which has on-board charging, good mileage per charge, an extensive battery warranty of up to six years, along with the usual no emissions, no pollution and very low noise.

The combination of a 4kW AC motor, a 105Ah Lithium-Ion battery, a towing capacity of 320kg and carrying up to 150Kg this vehicle has particularly impressed customers in the groundscare market, says Dave French, sales manager for Reesink e-Vehicles: "The STAR EV Capella 2H Lifted is market-leading when it comes to towing capacity and the amount of payload it can handle competes with all the others on the market."

There's no fear of 'range anxiety' with the Capella - not only does this good workhorse UTV give an easy 40 miles per charge but it's also really easy to tell via the app what the battery life is so there's no chance of ever getting caught out.

The second machine from the company comes from KAASPEED and is the lightweight, self-balancing, wide-wheeled electric scooter that provides a new, exciting and clean mode of transport for multi-surface adventures.

The scooter's lightweight frame is the only one of its kind on the market, encasing all its cables and made from aircraft-grade strong aluminium, yet it's surprisingly light, weighing only 45kgs. It's powered by a car-grade LG cell lithium-ion battery that promises up to 37 miles of battery life on a single charge, high performance including top speed of 28mph and a smart battery management system featuring temperature resistance. Plus, it's cost-effective as little maintenance is required.

Dave continues: "Being outside in nature's playground is a pleasure for many and it seems counterintuitive to pollute that with the noise and fumes of diesel transportation. For leisure venues like holiday parks, caravan sites and resorts who need to provide their customers with transport around their site, KAASPEED scooters are a great choice whatever the terrain, and a real selling point. They make travel different and exciting."

Visitors to SALTEX can see both vehicles - and more - on stand K080.

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