0 Reesink launches new rotary mower designed to increase productivity and decrease downtime

Reesink Turfcare launched the ProLine H800 direct collect rotary mower

Designed to boost productivity and revolutionise clipping clear-up for groundscare professionals across the UK, the ProLine H800 will appeal to councils and landscape contractors looking for minimum downtime, to help get more grass cut, quicker.

With a 41ltr fuel tank and 810ltr collector, plus the ability to change the height of cut without stopping, Reesink Turfcare says productivity is at an all-time high with this machine.

Jeff Anguige, national sales manager at Reesink, says: "The fuel tank is large enough to power a full day's work, while the generous capacity of the collector is accompanied by a sensor which alerts the operator when it's full. This avoids unnecessary stopping to check and empty it."

In fact, you barely have to give clipping collection a second thought: "With the ProLine, you simply switch the mower on and go, most of the chores are done for you. Once the collector is full, the deck automatically disengages to prevent overfilling or grass going uncollected. Clippings can be emptied into a truck bed effortlessly with the high lift system, which can be raised to almost two metres in height and remotely controlled from the operator's station," explains Jeff.

To reduce interruptions further, the height of cut can be changed to between 20-110mm from the operator's seat, enabling quick and intuitive adjustment. No time is wasted stopping to unclog the machine either, thanks to automatic deck cleaning wipers.

This machine is perfect for those with a large workload on a tight schedule. The 26.1hp engine powers up to 12,000m2 of mowing per hour, throughout which the ProLine's high performance cutting system delivers a clean quality of cut ideal for sports fields and commercial sites.

Added to that, the machine affords excellent visibility, enabling trimming right up to the edges of pathways and borders within parks and urban areas.

Built with durability in mind, the ProLine's deck boasts a welded bull nose bumper and heavy-duty caster forks to withstand any knocks thrown its way, and long-lasting skid protection makes it a machine to be relied on.

A durable and intuitive new addition to Reesink's product line, the Toro ProLine is set to impress those with no time to stop.

Reesink Turfcare - 01480 226800, email info@reesinkturfcare.co.uk, or visit www.reesinkturfcare.co.uk

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