0 Revolutionary Penetrant aims to trouble shoot

floratine product Floratine introduce their extremely effective soil penetrant PERVADE in pelleted form, specifically designed for spot treatment on undulating greens, bunkers, slopes or any difficult to reach areas prone to water logging.

PERVADE-MAX comes in the form of a large pellet, perfectly proportioned to fit standard spray guns. Hand watering via a hosepipe with spray applicator attached, dissolves the penetrant's active ingredients, which are then aimed directly at the trouble spot.

PERVADE-MAX carries the same proprietary formulation as Pervade, ensuring quick, long lasting moisture penetration, but unlike traditional alcohol and soap based wetting agents, no risk of scorch even in hot weather. Again, unlike alcohol and soap based products, PERVADE -MAX is 100% biodegradable.

For further information on either Pervade-Max, or Pervade, contact David Snowden on Tel: 01765 658021 Email: dpsfpg@aol.com or visit the Floratine website at: www.floratine.com
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