0 Five times better mowing with the new Roberine F5

Roberine introduces the F5, which is good news for professionals who want maximum performance. These professionals can also be sure of a comfortable and ergonomic workplace. The 5-series is based on the technology of the 3series, which means that every professional can rely on a concept that has been proven in practice. With the F5, it is just as easy to mow short and high grass, and it doesn't matter if it is dry or wet. With the unique construction of the flail mower unit, you can also be sure of a beautiful cutting pattern without clumping.

Driven by innovation

Peter Mouthaan, director of Dutch Power Company, of which Roberine is part: "With Roberine, we want to continue to be pioneering in every sense. That is why we keep innovating constantly. As a group, we draw on our many years of experience in developing and building machines for the greenery sector, not only in terms of engine and drivetrain engineering, but also in terms of mowing technology. The introduction of the F5 is not only a logical step for the brand, but also a step that comes at the right moment. There is a trend toward mowing less often without this coming at the expense of the cutting pattern. With the F3, we were the first to respond to this development, and with the introduction of the F5, we meet the market demand for a wider machine with five flail mower units. We also see that the Roberine brand has a strong appeal both at home and abroad. When people hear the name, they immediately think of the great Dutch brand that produced the most beautiful cutting pattern. We want to nourish that sense. The unsurpassed class of then and the advanced technology of now: that is the Roberine of today. At least, that's what we hear from our customers."

Developed and built for maximum performance

The Roberine F5 is constructed to make high-speed work possible in both transport mode and in the field. A strong and clean power source ensures that you can count on maximum power under all conditions. The power source of the is F5 also quiet, which is not only good news for the driver but also for the environment where the work is done. With a mowing width of 345 cm, a lot of work gets done in one pass, and more metres can be covered in less time. A lot of attention was also devoted to the drivetrain. Five hydraulically-powered flail units with piston motors that make the machine less susceptible to faults. A striking detail of the unit itself is that you can mow close to objects, which has the major advantage that almost no manual trimming is necessary afterward. This guarantees maximum performance for every driver.

Comfortable on any terrain.

Flail mowers from Roberine can be used for many applications: not only in parks but also on sports fields. There is a simple explanation for this. The versatility comes from the simple adjustment of the mowing height. It is easy to adjust the ideal setting, even making it possible to achieve a cutting pattern on uneven ground as you would expect from a classical cylinder mower. That beautiful cutting pattern is the result of the optimal design of the robust flail in combination with the unique construction of the flail mower unit.

It is about technology and it is about people

Every professional can put their faith in a Roberine machine. A reliable power source, solid drivetrain and flail mower units that can take a bump. Every detail of these components has been considered. But of course, it is not enough to develop a machine that only meets all the technical requirements; perhaps it is even more important to develop a workplace that makes the driver feel at home. If the driver feels better and more secure, it makes them a better driver.

The designers and technicians also devoted maximum attention to the layout of an ergonomically correct workplace that immediately feels trustworthy. For instance, the new command arm with LCD display makes it even easier to perform every action. The driver has a standard air-spring Grammer comfort seat with automatic weight and height adjustment. And because not every driver is the same height, the steering wheel height and angle are adjustable. When equipped with a cab, the driver also has the comfort of heating, and air conditioning is available as an option.

Good visibility on all sides

In today's busy traffic, it is important that the driver has good visibility on all sides. The developers were also able to achieve this for the F5 with cab. A lot of glass is used at the front, sides and rear. The mower units are also placed to avoid obstructing sightlines, and that also applies to the wheels. It is also important that you are highly visible in busy traffic. LED lighting on all sides ensures that you are easy to see.

A safe investment with good returns

Automotive driving in transport mode, two pedals, rollover bar and of course a safety belt. Everything has been done to ensure that the driver can perform their work safely. The Roberine F5 is a solid investment. This investment also gives good yields because it can be used year-round and is suitable for any type of surface. The use of the best materials combined with ingenious technical solutions minimises the chance of breakdowns. This makes it possible to use the machine day in, day out. What more could a professional ask for?

5 times better mowing with the new Roberine F5

• Maximum performance with high work speed

• Comfortable and ergonomic workplace

• Proven technology

• Widely applicable, in all circumstances

• Good cutting pattern without unsightly grass wads

Specifications Roberine F5 flail mower


Yanmar 4-cylinder Turbo Diesel 2.0 intercooler (Stage 5)


47 kW (66 HP) at 2600 rpm

Mowing system

Two hydraulic axial piston motors for the mower units

Cutting width

345 cm

Number of mowing units

5 hydraulically-powered flail units driven by piston motors

Mowing speed

12 km/h

Transport speed

25 km/h


310 cm


188 cm


234 cm with ROPS

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