0 SubAir Introduces TurfWatch Technology To Golf Courses

SubAir has introduced its new TurfWatch™ technology, a proprietary, patent-pending, state-of-the-art management application that provides turf professionals with real-time, instant access to subsoil conditions via smart phones, tablets, or computers.

TurfWatch™ operations are designed to communicate subsurface conditions seamlessly with the control centre of an established, on-site SubAir System.

As the turf industry's innovator of managing soil moisture, temperature and salinity levels, providing turf managers with the real-time data and equipment to maintain premier turf conditions is game changing.

Whether on an isolated green, or an entire golf course - sensors placed in the subsoil relay data to the control centre, where conditions are interpreted and recorded for moisture, salinity, and temperature levels.

If subsoil conditions vary from set parameters, the SubAir System can be engaged through the dedicated TurfWatch communications network to respond with appropriate operations to restore proper conditions.

Additionally, TurfWatch Technology retains cloud-based real-time and historical data, providing information on the impact of agronomic practices, natural phenomena, and weather events on turf conditions.

The technology has already been put into practice for sports fields, including two World Cup soccer venues in Russia.

SubAir provides web-based technical support, as well a programmable scheduler and offers additional control options with the new TurfWatch.

In Europe, Middle East and Africa, SubAir Systems are supplied by Bernhard and Company. For more information, please contact: subair@bernhard.co.uk

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