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We never really know what the weather will throw at us next and having a winter maintenance scheme in readiness makes good sense. One part of this that is well worth considering is having a push broom available, the versatility of which will serve you all-year-round.

SweepEx snow 1114The SweepEx range of push brooms offers a good choice to suit the task at hand and in particular the MegaMax which is not just a push broom, it is also a bulk volume mover. Hitched to a telehandler, fork lift, skidsteer or tractor you can use it for clearing leaves and rubbish and at the first sight of snow it will be ready to clear large areas quickly and efficiently. The MegaMax takes the concept of a heavy-duty broom and adds patented side retainers, which makes it ideal for clearing snow.

The broom holds bulk volumes of material in front of the brush without spillage at the sides. It's cleverly designed to incorporate end brushes that are carefully twisted, so they actually pull snow away from a curb or wall and push it into the main path of the broom. It also offers a squeegee effect on wet surfaces. Similarly it will deal with other materials, sweeping them out of awkward corners, which makes this all-rounder good for yards, warehouses, amenity areas, construction sites, farms and landscaping projects.

As there are no motors, belts or chains and no flying debris, the MegaMax is safe and maintenance free, with hard-wearing brushes designed to sweep up to 450 miles before the hard-wearing polypropylene bristles need changing. Even then it's an easy job to replace them. Another key feature is the bristles are rigid enough to allow the broom to stand up without additional support for quicker and easier mounting to the host vehicle There is a variety of SweepEx push brooms to choose from including the basic ValuSweep, to the Mega and SweepEx Pro, to suit all applications. The MegaMax is available in 1.5m, 1.8m and 2.4m widths.

For more information, visit www.wessexintl.com.

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