0 Toro Equipment to be 'Biodoesel Ready' by 2008

Biodiesel-Cap.jpg With a commitment to exploring new and more efficient technologies that are both customer-valued and environmentally responsible, The Toro Company has announced that all its diesel-powered golf course and sports fields and grounds equipment will be 'Biodiesel Ready' by 2008. This includes the Toro Reelmaster, Groundsmaster, Greensmaster, Workman and MultiPro product ranges. Beyond these specific products, Toro will continue to expand the use of biodiesel fuels in other diesel-powered equipment lines.

Toro says the moves comes as advances in alternative fuel sources continue to generate greater interest in an age of increased concern for the environment and the pursuit of economical alternatives to petroleum-based fuels.

As part of its initiative, the company is also creating upgrade kits for the above products to convert diesel models already in production or in the field to be compatible with biodiesel fuel. The kits are expected to be available by June 2007.

"Our biodiesel readiness initiative is part of a commitment to developing innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers and help to better the environment," said Mike Hoffman, chairman and CEO of The Toro Company. "The time is right for Toro and the industry to commit to this effort."

For the past five years, Toro has conducted extensive equipment testing using biofuel and biodiesel blends. With kit modifications and an understanding of a few additional precautions, customers can enjoy a more efficient, cleaner technology through biodiesel fuel blends of up to B20 (80 : 20 petroleum : bio-fuel).

Biodiesel is an alternative fuel source derived from biological sources that are completely biodegradable and non-toxic. Emissions from biofuels and biodiesel blends are lower than petroleum-based diesel fuels, making them more environmentally friendly. There are various levels of biodiesel fuels including B2, B5, B10, B20 and B100.
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