0 Trimax unveils the ultimate safety system on the Pegasus Series 4

Maintenance of golf courses, public spaces and wide areas isn't what it used to be. Over the last decade, Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) regulations and responsibilities have evolved. Companies now carry a huge responsibility for the safety and security of their employees, clients and the general public.

Because of this, HSE considerations have become a major factor in the equipment procurement process.

Companies need to buy machines that aren't going to land them in court.

In order to design machines that meet these considerations, manufacturers need to understand, in detail, the industries and operating environments their machines are being used in.

Trimax - A Dominant Force in the Groundcare Industry

Trimax Mowing Systems ticks all these boxes.

By listening to their clients and building lifelong relationships with them, Trimax consistently sets new standards with its innovations, many of which are patented and unique to the brand. All of them enhance the safety, practicality and cost-effectiveness of all Trimax machines.

Let's look at a classic example.

The Pegasus Series

The Trimax Pegasus is a perfect illustration of this trend which is why it has become the benchmark in wide-area rotary mowing.

The Series 4 is the latest Pegasus model. Launched in 2019, it is the lowest maintenance version of this trailed mower. It's also an extremely efficient machine with its wide cutting widths (4.9m & 6m) and mowing speeds of up to 10mph on flat terrain.

Drive Protect - Trimax's All New Safety System

As if the Series 4 launch wasn't enough, Trimax has now engineered a revolutionary new lift system, setting new standards of safety and functionality.

In the 1980s, when Trimax was formed, they pledged to provide the ultimate mowing machinery with unsurpassed safety and efficiency. In keeping with this pledge, the company has adopted stricter standards for its latest innovations.

ISO 5395-3 clause 4.10.1 was developed for ride-on mowers and specifies that mowing decks cannot be lifted above 400mm from the ground without the blades being disengaged - ensuring ultimate protection for operators and the general public.

Trimax's new Drive Protect safety system is standard on all Pegasus S4 lift options. Fully electronic, it features built-in sensors to prevent the mowing decks from lifting in unsafe conditions or until the blades have ceased spinning.

The sensors also prevent the decks from lifting if the PTO is still engaged. This prevents damage to the machine, prolongs overall life span and significantly reduces downtime.

All sensors, connectors and valves on the lift mechanism are waterproof and fully compliant with IP67, giving customers peace of mind in all conditions.

Lift Options Add Versatility

Trimax machines are designed to be versatile and the Pegasus Series 4 is no exception - it offers three different lift options to ensure maximum functionality at all times. This includes the all new MultiLIFT system:

  • QuikLIFT - to traverse paths or for tight turns, all three decks can be raised slightly with the PTO still engaged.
  • IndividualLIFT - for mowing around trees and other obstacles, either of the side decks can be lifted independently.
  • MultiLIFT - a combination of QuikLIFT and IndividualLIFT with the addition of BiLIFT. This facilitates rear deck mowing only, ideal for narrow gateways and driveways.

Safe and Easy Operation

All three lift functions come with Drive Protect and can be operated from inside the operator's cab using an LED cab controller. It's simple to use and allows for easy troubleshooting.

Your Search is Over

If you are looking for the ultimate wide-area mower which offers industry leading safety, efficiency and convenience, the Trimax Pegasus Series 4 is it!

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