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TS Industrie Wood Concept groupe newFollowing the merger of the manufacturers Tünnissen and Saelen Industrie within the S.E.E Group in December 2009, the two entities have decided to join forces under one powerful brand: TS INDUSTRIE™. With this new brand, the manufacturer can today claim to be the European market leader of mobile wood chippers and shredders. With an extended product range, previously unseen in this field, the brand TS INDUSTRIE™ highlights the expertise of these two manufacturers and reinforces their desire to merge.

The new brand TS INDUSTRIE™ expresses the group's ambitions to develop their products in a fast-emerging European market, with an emphasis on environmental preoccupations: to put green waste to good use. According to the United Nations Development programme, green waste amounts to 100 million tonnes per year in Europe. On the other hand, the European directive 2008/12/CE encourages its member states to value green waste and to ban the uncontrolled disuse, abandon or riddance of it. With the new wood chippers and multi-vegetation chipper-shredders from TS INDUSTRIE™, tree and branch lumber will no longer be considered as 'waste' and can be put to good use through modern techniques such as mulching, composting and fuel for heating.

Two strengths united

To accelerate its growth on the European market, the company has chosen to concentrate on the unique brand TS INDUSTRIE™, which capitalises on the historic, the reputation and the competence of both Saelen industrie and Tünnissen.

Both experts in their field, the two brands already demonstrate a specific know-how in branch and multi-vegetation treatment. With its PATENTED MIXED ROTOR™, Saelen industrie initiated the development of the market segment for multi-vegetation chipper-shredders. Tünnissen had the largest product range of wood chippers on offer, featuring their disc blade technology.

The brand TS INDUSTRIE™ benefits from the sales experience relative to the 10,000 chippers and shredders sold to date.

"We wanted a brand name which was dynamic, memorable and easily recognisable in any country. The brand TS INDUSTRIE™, already implemented in different European markets, became the obvious choice"; explains Juliette Berchon, Marketing Manager S.E.E Group. "TS INDUSTRIE™ can now position itself as the leading brand in the wood chipper and shredder market for park and green space professionals".

TS INDUSTRIE™ conveys its new development perspectives through a new logo, which asserts its position: the circle demonstrates the shredding process associated with the PATENTED MIXED ROTOR™ and cutting disc technologies. It is wrapped around the letters TS: their design is reminiscent of wood chippings which creates continuity with the former and also echoes the initials of Tünnissen and Saelen. In the circle, the word Industrie, identical in German and French, conveys the identity of the manufacturer. Featuring the entire wood chipper and shredder product range, TS INDUSTRIE™ is
not only a commercial brand but has become the corporate brand for the S.E.E Group. The Saelen brand will continue to subsist a while longer, exclusively as a complementary brand for the unique requirements of the French market.

The reputation of TS INDUSTRIE™ will be exposed to the entire European market, in order to obtain better brand awareness and to encourage market development. In Europe, the brand is being marketed by a team of 23 to provide distributors with tailored communication, which, in turn, allows them to meet the expectations of their clients. With the final user in mind, the brand is working to afford a clear view of all possible solutions.

TS INDUSTRIE™ can therefore, position itself as an expert in mobile wood chippers and shredders, with a unique and effective technical solution tailored to each requirement: the cutting disc system for the wood chippers and the PATENTED MIXED ROTOR™ for the multi-vegetation chipper-shredders. With its extended product range, the brand is able to meet consumers' specific expectations, while also providing them with a level of comfort (solutions for acoustic problems, large hoppers…) and in keeping with environmental demands (reduction of CO2 emissions, use of bio-degradable lubricants and following recommendations for the valorisation of green waste).

The driving force of TS INDUSTRIE™ is innovation (new machinery, new technology and security, increased acoustic and environmental performance).
"Our future is in R&D. We pursue a policy of permanent innovation," commented Olivier Willerval, Chief Executive Officer S.E.E Group.

Versatility on the industrial front

This strategy of powerful branding comes with the reshuffle of the production line: to better serve the market with more versatile production methods; and to improve its competitiveness.

The sites of Neukirchen, in Germany and of Ronchin, in France, will produce both TS INDUSTRIE™ wood chippers and multi-vegetation chippers-shredders. They will exploit their synergy to the maximum (use of identical parts and identical engines) to facilitate inter-changeability according to production peaks. Neukirchen however, will specialise in larger machines (Viper, Cobra, 450, 550), whilst Ronchin will specialise in the production of smaller, series machines (Gardenmaster, 150, Cougar, Premium). The site of Riga (Lettonia) has become a mechanical welding subcontractor for both Germany and France.

Focusing all its assets on one unique brand with a large and innovative product range, TS INDUSTRIE™ has, today, the resources to offer park and green space professionals, the wood chipper or shredder best suited to their needs; all this in a fast emerging market based on the valorisation of green waste.

TS Industrie™ products are distributed in the UK exclusively by Eric Hunter Ltd. For further information, please contact Eric Hunter Ltd on 01628 778 644 or visit www.erichunter.co.uk

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