0 Two new tractor models from Same Deutz-Fahr UK

same 2 Same Deutz-Fahr is set to introduce two new models to each of its Same, Lamborghini and Deutz-Fahr tractor brands. Rated at 85hp and 100hp, the new tractors will be available in the UK from January onwards.

The new tractors have been designated the Same Explorer 3 85 and 100, which will replace the current Explorer models, the Lamborghini R3.EVO 85 and 100, which will replace the Target 95, and the Deutz-Fahr Agrofarm 85 and 100 which are to become new additions.

Model range


Same Explorer 3

Same Explorer Classic, New

Lamborghini R3.EVO

Target 95

Deutz-Fahr Agrofarm

New models

Two specifications

Two versions of each of the tractors will be available - the 'Standard' and the higher specification 'GS'. While both versions are expected to find favour in the livestock sector and for specific arable operations, the GS is equipped with features which include hydraulic shuttle and electro-hydraulic four wheel drive engagement as standard.

Euro lll-ready Deutz Engines same 3

For the first time all the new tractors are powered by Deutz engines - previous Same and Lamborghini models in this power bracket have used SDF engines. The Deutz Euro 111-ready emission compliant, four cylinder, four litre engines are turbocharged and have mechanical engine control. Designed to provide an abundance of pulling power, torque back up is an impressive 22%.

Improved engine cooling

A new highly efficient sealed and pressurised water cooling system is fitted to the tractors. The system now employs a new aluminium radiator, complete with fuel cooler and a new hood design having larger air intake vents. Cooling the fuel helps to ensure constant performance at all ambient temperatures by maintaining a constant fuel specific weight. It also contributes to engine cooling.

For the main engine cooling a Nourice system operates at 1bar pressure and ensures coolant is maintained at high temperatures to increase cooling efficiency. Only pressurised coolant circulates the system eliminating any risk of cavitation within the pump.

The more efficient cooling system requires a smaller cooling fan which, in turn, requires less power - and fuel - to drive. It is also significantly quieter.
So that the radiator can be cleaned easily a mesh screen is simply pulled from the front of the radiator and blown clear of dust.

Transmission updates

same 1 The transmissions in the new 85hp tractors are based on the those used in the Explorer Classic 75 and the 100hp tractors have theirs based on the Deutz Agroplus 95. But while the casings may look the same, there have been some significant changes within - changes which include new clutches both for the main and pto drives.

Both Standard and GS specification models have hydrostatic clutches for their 40kph, 20 x 20 gear ratios but the GS also benefits from use of a 'Comfort' clutch - a button activated clutch which negates the use of the foot pedal - and an option for a 40 x 40 speed transmission.

GS versions also have an optional Hi/Lo powershift and a powershuttle as standard - all designed to create a smooth yet highly efficient driving experience.

New gearshift controls

For the operator, cabs are now fitted with gear shift control levers mounted on the cab floor - an arrangement designed to reduce vibration and one which results in shorter levers and more precise gear shifting.
More generally, the designers have created a spacious operator environment complete with digital dashboard display, seat suspension and tilt and height adjustable steering wheel. There is also an efficient ventilation system to provide air conditioning and heating as required.

All key controls - colour coded for easy identification - are grouped neatly to the right hand side of the operator. From the outside, the new, wider cab adds to the overall modern, stylish appearance of the new tractors.

Powerful hydraulics

Rear linkage lift capacity for the 85hp models is rated at 3450kgs and the 100hp at 4800kgs. 100hp models can also be fitted with servo rams to increase lift capacity to 6000kgs. The lift arms have telescopic stabilisers as standard.
For external use, four auxiliary Monobloc Bucher control valves are fitted as standard although six can be specified if required. An oil tray is fitted as standard.

For operations such as mowing or cultivating, a double acting front linkage is also available complete with a pto drive. When not in use, the linkage arms fold away. Lift capacity is 1800kgs.

Same Explorer 3 85 and 100
Lamborghini R3.EVO 85 and 100
Deutz-Fahr Agrofarm 85 and 100

Engines: 4 litre Deutz 4cyl turbo,
Rated power: 85hp, 100hp
Torque back up: 22%
Cooling: Liquid
Transmission: 20 x 20, 40 x 40 opt
Rear linkage lift: 3450kg, 4800kg
Front linkage lift: 1800kg
Brakes: Front and rear
Steering angle: 55deg

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