0 Wash down water recycling systems “thrive” on Hydroscape Bio-Clean bacterial products.

Originally developed for use with the Hydroscape series of wash down waste water treatment and recycling systems, the Bio-Clean blend of specialist powdered bacteria, which degrade the hydrocarbons and other contaminants commonly found in the wastewater, generated from Golf Course and Sports Ground equipment washing activities is now available from Ringwood, Hampshire based water specialist company Hydroscape Ltd. for all wastewater treatment and recycling system users and is suitable for use in both above and below ground systems.

Conveniently packaged in water soluble PVA sachets, The Bio-Clean bacteria comes in a granular powder form that is simple to use, simple to apply, has a long shelf life, unlike liquids does not need refrigeration to maintain stability, has a lower application frequency than most other bacterial products, (only one application per month in most situations) and is a more cost effective solution for wash down waste water treatment and recycling systems.

Containing a blend of 10 different strains of both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, with added surfactants to aid the degradation process, Hydroscape Bio-Clean will rapidly remove a wide range of contaminants from the effluent stream and can be used to recover the biological activity in failing waste treatment plants suffering from oil contamination.

To apply, simply add one of the water soluble PVA sachets to the aerated portion of the treatment system. As the sachet breaks down, releasing the bacteria into the waste water, they are reactivated to start the degradation process, converting a wide range of undesirable contaminants into simpler environmentally friendly carbon sources.

In addition to wash down water treatment plants, Hydroscape Bio-Clean is suitable for treating waste from The Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Automotive and Petro-Chemical industries and for land remediation.

For further information on Hydroscape Bio-Clean and other water and wastewater treatment systems and products contact

Hydroscape Ltd
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Southampton Road, Ringwood,
Hampshire. BH24 1JS

Telephone 44 (0)1425 476261

Pond system Before and After Hydroscape 800 series "Floc Log" Application

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