Finalsan 10 L

Finalsan 10 L

A non-selective, effective weed killer for use against grass and broadleaved weeds, moss and algae. Delivers rapid activity, down the roots.



Product Overview
Product NameFinalsan
MAPP No.13102
Active Substance186.700 g/L fatty acids: pelargonic acid
Formulation TypeEmulsifiable concentrate
Field of UseHerbicide
Areas of Usealmond (around), amenity grassland, amenity vegetation, apple (around), apricot (around), bilberry (around), blackberry (around), blackcurrant and redcurrant (around), blueberry (around), cherry (around), chestnut (around), cranberry (around), elderberry (around), gooseberry (around), hazelnut (around), loganberry and rubus hybrid (around), managed amenity turf, medlar (around), mulberry (around), natural surfaces not intended to bear vegetation, ornamental plant production, peach and nectarine (around), pear (around), plum (around), quince (around), raspberry (around), rose hips (around), strawberry (around), table grapes (around), walnut (around), wine grapes (around)

A non-selective emulsifiable concentrate herbicide containing 186.7 g/L pelargonic acid (a fatty acid) which penetrates the waxy layer of the leaf cuticle destroying the cell membranes of the plant's epidermal cells. This releases the cell contents causing rapid desiccation. Finalsan operates with pure contact action on all green plant parts against annual and perennial monocotyledonous weeds, dicotyledonous weeds, mosses and algae.

It is intended to be used on path and around trees and ornamental plants, on decorative lawns and turf, in orchard crops, around pome fruit, stone fruit, soft fruit crops and vineyards.

Key Features

  • Fast acting on young and actively growing weeds.
  • Contact herbicide with dessicant properties.
  • Control of annual and perennial weeds, moss and algae
  • Particularly effective on Equisetum spp. (Horse tail)
  • Fully biodegradable in plants and in soil

Instructions For Use

For full instructions on the use of Finalsan including crop specific information consult the full label, via the Technical Information tab.

Application Rate

17 ml/m2

For crop specific information consult product label


Do not direct spray or allow spray to drift onto cultivated plants as FINALSAN destroys all green plant parts. Therefore, a spray shield should be used for application to avoid contact with leaves or fruits of cultivated crops. To protect aquatic organisms do not apply this product until weeds have established and ground cover has reached approximately 25%. At temperatures below 15°C the effect can be lessened. Rainfall within less than 12 hours after treatment may impair the effect of the product. Avoid spraying/application within 5 m of the field boundary to reduce effects on non-target insects or other arthropods.

Weeds Controlled

Finalsan is a herbicide with foliar activity against a broad range of weeds. Good spray cover of the weeds is essential.

Finalsan is most effective against small actively growing weeds. In efficacy trials, control of the following weeds was achieved:

common dandelion, greater plantain, annual meadow grass, deadnettle, common chickweed, creeping thistle, knotgrass, mosses and algae.

Finalsan does not possess a long-term effect, i.e. re-emergence of affected weeds may occur. Therefore, repeated applications in 2 to 4 week intervals are necessary during the course of one vegetation period. Finalsan may not give long term control of mosses. Further treatments may be necessary in future seasons where there are heavy moss infestations, or if moss returns, in a programme with other cultural methods of moss control.

The product can be used under shrubs and trees because it doesn´t harm the woody parts of the plants.

Some transient scorch or bleaching and reduction in the growth of treated areas of turf is likely following application of Finalsan. To avoid unnecessary damage use spot treatments of infested areas only. Do not apply to grass suffering from drought, during freezing.

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