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Helly Hansen Workwear

Helly Hansen Workwear

Helly Hansen workwear has been specially designed by a team of experts to be of the highest quality workwear and outdoor clothing available.

Helly Hansen can be seen being worn on television as well as in movies (The Perfect Storm, Touching The Void) as a testament to how high quality and well renowned Helly Hansen have become since being founded in 1877.

Helly Hansen's ongoing product development means they are always on the cutting edge of outdoor clothing technology, meaning you can rest assured the outdoor wear you're looking at is superb value.

Helly Hansen Workwear FAQ & Garment Care

How Do I Wash My Garment?

Always follow the care instructions provided with the garment.

In general:

Non-waterproof and waterproof (non-breathable) garments can be washed in a washing machine, at the temperature recommended on the care label sewn into the garment.

HH Base Layer should be washed with a mild detergent at 60 degrees Celsius for HH Dry baselayer. Air dry HH Base Layer garments - using a hot dryer will cause them to melt. no radiator or tumble dryer.

Waterproof/Breathable Garments, including HELLY TECH, should be washed in warm water with a technical wash WITHOUT detergents (see care label in garment for recommended temperature). Ensure all zippers and fasteners are closed. DO NOT USE fabric softener as it breaks down HELLY TECH and DO NOT tumble dry. DO NOT dry clean or iron.

How Do I Restore The Water-Proof Quality Of My Helly Hansen Workwear?

Make sure the garment is clean (see How Do I Wash My Garment?), then apply a DWR (durable water repellent) spray-on or wash-in solution so that water continues to "bead" (water droplets appear to slide off) on the outer surface. Helly Hansen does not recommend any particular spray; leading brands include Nikwax, Grangers and McNett. Read the label on the spray for user advice.

My Garment Is Not 'Breathing'. Should It Be Replaced?

All Helly Hansen Workwear fabrics are tested to meet international standards. However, there are many individual factors that can affect the breathability of your garment, from your fitness level to your body wear, to the local temperature and humidity. The best way to maximize breathability is to use the garment's venting system correctly and to re-activate the DWR regularly.

My Jacket Is Losing Its Water Repellency. What Should I Do?

Your garment's Durable Water Repellent (DWR) is only a temporary finish. With regular wear, it will need to be re-applied at least once a year. Dirt will also affect the DWR, so be sure to wash and dry the garment regularly according to the washing instructions.

My Garment Doesn't Keep Me Warm. Is This Covered Under Warranty?

Your garment is insulated only to provide additional warmth, not a specific temperature rating like with sleeping bags. What's more, many factors "your fitness level, body wear and local temperature" will impact the garment's effectiveness. The best way to stay warm is to wear proper layering (the HH 3 Layer System) underneath your garment.

The Screen Print On My Workwear Garment Is Wearing Off. Is This Normal?

The screen on your garment is designed to last for at least a year. Eventually, however, it will wear off.

For further information regarding our Helly Hansen Workwear range, contact our technical sales team on 01902 440250.

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