Masterline PM20 Fineturf

Masterline PM20 Fineturf

Suitable for high quality fine lawns, golf tees and fairways.


Masterline PM20 Fineturf

This 100% fescue mix ensures the production a first class fine turf sward. Chewings fescue is known for its high shoot density and tolerance to close mowing. The creeping red fescues reproduce rhizomatously, further increasing sward density, tolerance to wear and abilty to regenerate following damage.

Mixture Composition

% Cultivar Species
20 Wagner chewings fescue
20 Smirna slender creeping red fescue
60 Benji strong creeping red fescue

*Cultivars are subject to availability, and may differ from that listed.

PM20 Grass Seed Features

  • Produces a high quality, fine turf sward
  • Good ability to regenerate following damage
  • Highly tolerant to close mowing

*Cultivars may vary.

Directions for Use

Sowing Rate (g/m2) Overseeding Rate (g/m2) Mowing Height (mm)
35 - 50 15 - 25 Down to 10

Sowing Guidance

  • Prepare the surface before sowing ensuring that:
    • Stones & weeds are removed.
    • There is sufficient drainage.
    • The surface is level and firm.
    • The surface is moist.
  • Sow the seeds evenly, using the correct sowing rate to a depth of approximately 10 mm.
  • Ensure that the surface remanins moist for at least 2 - 3 weeks.
  • Make the first cut when the grass is 5 - 6 cm tall and tillering has started.

Overseeding Guidance

  • Prepare the existing turf by removing excess thatch and limiting irrigation and fertilisation.
  • Apply using the correct overseeding rate.
  • For best results use a disc seeder or a studded seed roller.

Did you know?

Masterline PM20 Fineturf Grass Seeds have a GroMax coating to aid growth and establishment.

Disclaimer: Occasionally shortages of some varieties may occur, therefore we reserve the right to replace unavailable varieties with a suitable alternative. Any alteration to the mixture will be clearly shown on the bag label. Our standard terms and conditions of sale apply. For further information regarding this, please contact our technical sales team on +44 (0)1902 440250.