Soil pH Meter

Soil pH Meter

The pH meter is an electronic instrument used to measure the pH (acidity or alkalinity) of soil.

Make quick and simple assessments on your nutritional and pH needs, and even moisture levels with this easy to use pH meter.


Soil pH Meter with Inbuilt Moisture Sensor

Compact and easy to use for quick assessment, with carrying case.

pH testing only takes a few seconds to check a point in the soil and it can greatly increase the health and development of the grass and plants if you act on the readings of the pH meter. In extreme cases save plants and grass from certain death by alerting you at early stages before problems start to occur.

Scale Accuracy Size/weight
pH 31/2 - 8/moisture 0-100% 10% 160 x 50 mm/170 g

Purpose of the pH-meter

To make the soil suitable for the absorption of fertiliser, acidic soil must be neutralised with lime or a lime-based fertiliser. However, if too much lime or lime fertiliser is used, the result will be a manganese deficiency causing complete infertility of the soil. Therefore, if a lime treatment of the soil is required, it is recommended first to determine the degree of acidity, i.e. the pH of the soil to have a basis on which to decide how much lime must be added. This can be simply done with the pH-meter which has already been successfully used by many market gardened. A perfectly neutral soil has a pH = 7; the instrument should always indicate this value before taking any readings.

How to Use the pH-meter

  1. Take the instrument out of its case and check that the needle indicates pH 7. If this is not the case it can be very simple adjusted. Remove the cover and glass window from the instrument and carefully turn the adjusting screw clockwise or counter-clockwise, as the case may be.
  2. The electrode is very vulnerable and should carefully cleaned with water and dried with a clean cloth before and after use. This is very important since otherwise the reading is not correct. After cleaning, the electrodes should not get in contact with anything, not even with your hands since these always give off some transpiration, however slight, and this would adversely affect the readings.
  3. Fill the soil holder with the soil under test and pack the soil so as to be sure that the complete electrode surface will be in contact with it. Insert the instrument into the soil until the silver-coloured electrodes are completely covered with soil. Then turn the instrument two or three times about its longitudinal axis to ensure good contact between soil and electrodes. Black earth, clay, loam etc. should have a moisture content (shown on the meter) between 50 and 70%. If the soil is too wet, the water should be pressed out until the moisture content is at a minimum 50%. Humus-rich soil may have higher moisture content, even exceeding 100% as is often the case. If the soil is too dry, the pH cannot be measured; in that case it should first be moistened with distilled water; readings can then be taken after about. 2 hours.
  4. To measure the moisture content in the soil, press the white button; the moisture content can be read off immediately. After use, clean the electrodes thoroughly with water and wipe off with a dry cloth. Normal soil used for cultivation will seldom have a moisture content below 30%, as is the case e.g. with dry sand.
  5. It takes the needle about three minutes to get stabilised. Next the pH can be read off. DO NOT allow the meter to stay in the soil for more than 5 minutes. This will prevent undue corrosion of the electrodes.

Benefits of the pH-meter

  • Since the instrument generates its own current when in contact with the soil, no chemicals, distilled water and/or external source of current, such as a battery, are required.
  • Measuring is extremely simple: just insert the electrode into the soil and the pH can be read off a few minutes later (clean instrument with water before and after use).
  • The instrument is compact, of attractive design and easy to carry along.

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