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Weed and Feed

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Weed and Feed Fertilisers

Weed and feed is a generic name for the broad range of chemical products specifically designed to strengthen turf and eliminate certain weeds in one application.

Pitchcare offer a high quality selection of the most effective turf weed and feed products on the market from the Scotts/Everris Sportsmaster professional range.

The benefits of using a fertiliser containing weed control are apparent; less time and cost to achieve the same ends as applying weed killer and fertiliser separately. However, are you compromising on the finished article? The answer is a qualified “no”, providing that you are applying the fertiliser at the correct time of the year and according to the label.

Weed and Feed - Top Quality Turf Fertiliser

The two products, Renovator Pro and Cleanrun Pro, have an identical nutrient analysis and contain broad spectrum selective herbicides, Mecaprop P and MCPA; however, they differ in that the iron component within Renovator enables it to be used to control moss, in addition to weed and feed.

Both weed and feed products should only be used between April and September, during the growing period, although the best results will be obtained when the weeds and grass are growing vigorously. A useful rule-of-thumb that can be used is if you’re mowing your lawn regularly and the weeds are actively growing, the fertiliser and herbicide will be effective.

In order for ‘weed and feeds’ to be effective, sufficient moisture has to be available. This ensures that the granules start to break down and the nutrient portion can be taken up by the grass roots. The broad-leaved weeds come into contact with the herbicides as liquid, and control is only conferred when the herbicide is in this state. Therefore, it’s vital that the granules are applied to dry foliage and if no rain has fallen within 1-2 days, the turf is irrigated.

The presence of the herbicide will inhibit the germination of new seeds. Re-seeding on bare areas shouldn’t be undertaken within 8 weeks of the weed and feed application. Some thought must be given to the timing of the application; both products should not be applied to newly sown or turfed areas for 6 months.

Weeds should be well developed before the granules are applied, it is a common misnomer that if the weeds are damaged the herbicide will be more effective. This is incorrect; the weed needs to be fit and healthy to absorb as much of the herbicide as possible. Once the weed and feed granules have been applied, mowing should not take place for 3 days after rain or irrigation. This enables the weeds to absorb the herbicide and for the weedkiller to start to take effect.

Weeds will naturally die off and the fertiliser will promote growth within the grass, which will then out-compete the weeds. If using Renovator Pro weed and feed, the moss may require scarifying out when it is completely black and again, the fertiliser will help promote the grass and help out-compete the moss.

For advice on how to apply weed and feed, or to find out which product is suitable for your needs, please speak to a member of our technical sales team on 01902 440250.

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