21-Year probe to alleviate surface disruption

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Terrain Aeration offers a specialist soil de-compaction and aeration service and has a 21 year history of successful treatments of golf greens, tees, fairways as well as aeration of tree roots.

For over 20 years, the Terralift machine has used its unique and purpose built design to ensure excelent results without surface disruption or any loss of availability for play.

This specialist treatment improves drainage, cures anaerobic conditions and results in improved firmness and rapid drying after rain and so makes the surface always available for use.

These excellent improvements typically last between 10-12 years making the treatment cost effective, long lasting and most importantly completely mess free.

On course trees also suffer compaction problems due to heavy traffic in their rootzone, those near to paths and vehicle trackways around the course are most at risk.

Without the trees most golf courses would become characterless and featureless so keeping at risk trees healthy is essential.

Trees also benefit from deep aeration treatment due to the oxygen being injected around the root zone, as well as relief of compaction panning and waterlogging, preventing anaerobic conditions developing which damage and rot the roots.

Deep Drill for golf greens:

Terrain Aeration also offers a Deep Drill service . Used principally on golf greens and tees this machine drills 16mm diameter 250mm deep holes on a 125mm grid pattern removing the spoil and permitting a degree of soil replacement.

The deep drill treatment improves gaseous exchange and drainage in the top 250mm of the soil beneath t

he turf and so improves turf firmness, rooting depth and durability under heavy use resulting in greater availability of the greens and tees after rain. No more temporary greens!

Terrain Aeration also offers a soil coring service that produces a 50mm diameter, one metre deep core conveniently displayed in the correct sequence in a clear plastic tube. This coring allows the rapid discovery of any problem layers within the soil profile.

A better understanding of the soil structure also aids Greenkeepers to manage course maintenance to better effect.

Meet the team on stand C93 at Saltex 2013.

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