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4000 members strong!

By the Editor

It is now March 31st 2003, exactly 18 months after Pitchcare launched at Saltex 2001 and we have reached another milestone. At Saltex 2002 we celebrated our first birthday with 2000 members on board.

By BTME this January we had surpassed the 3000 mark, and incredibly just two and a half months later our 4000th member has joined.

As a medium to answer queries, offer sound advice and help, Pitchcare has pushed the boundaries of the Industry. The site offers members the opportunity to help each other and source products, information and machines. As membership grows, then so can the site, and we can afford to bring in staff to further enhance the potential of becoming the Groundsmans bible, the hub of knowledge-the site driven entirely by its members.

Pitchcare is run by Groundsmen and Greenkeepers for Groundsmen and Greenkeepers and was always designed to self function, in some respects it already is!

We aim to listen and help, provide a safety net for those who need it, but offer good advice to those willing to learn or those in search of help. The number of members willing to share sound advice with others is commendable and is wholeheartedly enjoyed by the many seeking answers.

Everybody involved with Pitchcare would like to thank all members for their continued support and we hope that the future of our Industry can only continue to move forward in a positive manner. Thank you.

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