A brand new name for the market leading brands

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A brand new name for the market leading brands

Breeding for quality is a priority for DLF Trifolium with the key objective to introduce as many highly rated cultivars in to grass mixtures as possible. Groundsmen and Greenkeepers are already experiencing the benefit from this long term strategy.

DLF Trifolium is the largest grass seed organisation in the UK, partly attributing its majority market share to the support of parent company (DLF Trifolium A/S), who are based in Denmark and produce over 40% of grass seed consumed in Europe.

"Great emphasis is placed on the strength of the breeding programme from the Danish company who hold a dominant position globally", explains Miranda Chambers, Marketing Manager for DLF Trifolium Ltd. "An impressive investment of £8 million in research and development is currently made with over a 100 strong workforce employed to support these activities."

As well as international activities, on-going trialling is a priority for DLF with extensive work currently taking place on shade trials, grass clippings, micro clovers and overseeding, the latter two in conjunction with STRI. (Interim report now available.) New varieties, seen as the lifeblood of the turf market, must be carefully chosen to suit climatic conditions as well as offer certain characteristics including disease resistance in order to minimise pesticide use.

DLF Trifolium offers a choice of three brands; Johnsons Sport and Amenity, Techni Turf and Pro Range, which encompass a comprehensive range of grass seed and wild flowers to suit all demands.

New Mixtures for 2005

Johnsons Sport and Amenity

Wembley Shade includes True Putt, Poa Reptans which is excellent for shade tolerance as seen at Crystal Palace Football Stadium.

For further details please contact Miranda Chambers on 01386 791120/0788 789 7673 or Miranda@perryfields.co.uk

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