A fleet of GKB machines was the perfect match for Parkway Grounds Maintenance.

Alicia Thompsonin Machinery & Mechanics

Established in 2000, Parkway Ground Maintenance has set the standard in offering contractual ground maintenance services to several prestigious contacts in the Midlands and surrounding areas. Consistently striving to deliver only the best results for its customers, there was no better match for Parkway Ground Maintenance than a fleet of GKB machines.

Comprising of the GKB Quick-Brush, GKB Ecodresser, the Topfinish and SP230 Sandspreader, the reliable and robust machinery Parkway have on hand ensures they continue to succeed in every job and deliver a top-quality finish.

When it comes to the engineering and development of a machine, GKB Machines ensure they provide machines that perform and that every worker would want to work with. Dean McDermott, Managing Director of Parkway Grounds Maintenance, comments "every machine that we have invested in from GKB has been completely operator friendly, not to mention that they are built extremely well. This can be difficult to find. From our experience, all of the machines do as they say and the back-up service we get is second to none."

The GKB Ecodresser provides the possibility of creating the best seeding conditions combined with more aeration in one simple operation. Removing the need to do complete multiple operations, Parkway use their machine for winter sports and cricket outfields because it's the perfect for the maintenance of both types of fields.

Being a diverse business means Parkway needed a fleet of machines that could keep up with challenges of their work. A tough challenge that both contractors and greenkeepers often find is keeping their pitches in prime condition throughout the year. Parkway have found using the GKB Sandspreader to sand spread and then following up with the GKB Topfinish on all grass areas is an ideal combination.

No two days are the same for Parkway. From natural grass to artificial turf, it is important for Parkway to equip themselves to provide an all round service. For artificial grass, the GKB Quick-Brush is the perfect partner. Parkway use GKB Quick-Brush as a great tool for the brushing of artificial grass, allowing them to carry out correct synthetic turf maintenance.

As industry specialists, Parkway Ground Maintenance praise GKB machines for their well-built, user-friendly product range and their customer service. Dean adds "GKB machines' customer service completes their offering. Tom Shinkins, UK Operations Director, is always on the other end of the phone and happy to help."

GKB Machines are always looking ahead of the game and striving to create products to keep at the forefront of innovation. Dean continues, "Due to the success of our renovation services, we now require more and more machinery within the business and have found GKB a great supplier of these." Parkway have arranged a demonstration of the GKB Quick-Clean and are looking to purchase promptly.

For more on GKB Machines and their reliable and robust range of machinery for natural, hybrid and synthetic turf, please visit www.gkbmachines.com or contact Tom Shinkins on 07495 883617.