A fleet of machines perfectly suited for artificial sports turf maintenance

Alicia Thompsonin Synthetics

GKB Machines, the company behind sustainable, reliable and robust maintenance machinery for natural, synthetic and hybrid turf provide groundsmen with a trustworthy range of machinery to rejuvenate, decompact and assist in the deep cleaning of artificial sports turf.

GKB Quick-Brush

Consisting of the GKB Rotobrush, Quick-Brush and Quick-Clean, this combination of machines leaves grounds in prime condition.

Built with a straightforward and simple operational principle, the GKB Quick-Clean is a synthetic turf cleaner made for powerful in-depth cleaning of all types of synthetic turf pitches. Hitched within two minutes and thanks to the high max operating speed of 5 km/h, this machine can work quickly and effectively. Cleverly engineered the GKB Quick-Clean features a synthetic turf brush, this works to brush the infill material to remove contamination that is within the layers and throws it onto a vibrating screen. Also featured on this innovative machine is a collection container which helps to remove coarse dirt and for dust and other lightweight dirt, the GKB Quick-Clean houses a suction unit with a dust bag.

Enabling to brush deeper and more effectively is the GKB Rotobrush. This machine uses the rotating brush disc to provide rigid bristles which are pressed into the synthetic turf. Where the functioning of normal brushing and cleaning stops, the GKB Rotorbrush will continue.

No matter the requirements, the GKB Quick-Brush allows the carry out of correct synthetic turf maintenance. Included are a spring tine rake bar, two brushes and rubber finishing mat, this machine gives you the ability to adjust the height of the modular brush to suit each specific task. The cleverly engineered 'flip-over tool,' means the GKB Quick-Brush is also able to add infill material easily to new fields and always orientates itself in the operating direction.

Left: GKB Quick-Clean Right: GKB Rotobrush

For more on GKB Machines and their reliable and robust range of machinery for natural, hybrid and synthetic turf, please visit www.gkbmachines.com or contact Tom Shinkins on 07495 883617 for a demonstration.