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By Inga Wells

Are you keen to enhance and develop your career in the sports industry?

Cranfield's unique MSc in Sports Surface Technology has been recognised by all the leading sports professional bodies such as the IOG, FA, ECB, BIGGA and The Jockey Club. The MSc opens the door to a number of opportunities for those who succeed in respect of management, consultancy and further academic related studies.

We have currently a few places left on the course for part-time students who can still register up until January 31st 2004. The course already has a good range of full and part-time students, but as feedback has shown, many part-time students find it difficult to arrange both the sponsorship of the course and organising the time off for study.

In respect of the fees, to assist latecomers, Cranfield will be offering bursaries to well-qualified students to cover 50% off the full course fee, a saving of £1765.00, which means there is nothing to pay in the first year. We can also help you with providing information to your sponsor that will help them to understand exactly how this course will not only benefit you as an employee, but also the organisation as a whole.

The course has proved particularly popular with those from the industry, and has been a life-changing event for many - not only in terms of job satisfaction, but also in discovering what they are capable of achieving academically and personally.

Top golf consultant Peter Jones who successfully completed the MSc this year said, "The MSc programme has provided me with the technical and scientific knowledge that will assist me in growing my business through identifying new opportunities and using these new skills to their full potential".

If you have any queries, please contact Student Enquiries on (01525) 863319 or email StudentEnquiries.silsoe@cranfield.ac.uk or contact the Course Director, Alex Vickers on: (01525) 863381 or email a.w.vickers@cranfield.ac.uk.

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