A Pitchcare 'Grand Day Out'

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The Pitchcare day out fishing over wrecks. 12 miles out from Rhyl, started very badly. At 6am the chartered boat skipper rang to say that the weather had closed in and was set to get as bad as gale force 8 as the day progressed. Despite pleas to at least get water borne and maybe find some sheltered fishing, the skipper's decision was definitive.Andy's 18lb mirror carp

Huge disappointment set in and only a hearty fried breakfast quelled the unrest. However all was not lost and a contingency plan was formulated. A change of fishing tackle, a visit to the bait shop and the post office ( for rod licences) later and the cheery crew were on their way to an undisclosed pool complex in Staffordshire.

By 9:30am floats were in the water and soon the first fish were brought to the landing nets. Throughout the day all participants caught copious amounts of carp, bream, tench and barbel. The weather on the whole remaining reasonable inland, with only the occasional heavy shower.

Luncheon meat and sweetcorn seemed to be the most popular dishes on the menu-for the fish anyway.

The range and quality of fish caught throughout the day was epitomised with Andy Birch (eventually) playing in an 18lb mirror carp to win the sweep.

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