Activate R and ERD

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Activate R and ERD


Four years of independent trials on turf using Activate R with ERD showed there were significant beneficial effects on both shoot and root development, with root mass being increased by 21% whilst root length increased by 32% compared to untreated

Keith Kent, Head Groundsman at Twickenham says, "I tried the product in the West Stand area and the results are there to be seen. For the first time in my experience the west kept pace with its development alongside the much sunnier east. Hopefully this will help maintain a good grass coverage throughout the autumn internationals".

Activate R + ERD is available in a granular formulation, and also as a liquid which is tank mix compatible with Mascot Microflow liquid fertilizers and products from the Mascot Specialities Range.

For further information contact Rigby Taylor on Freephone 0800 424 919 or visit their website

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