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Sandbander BTME Stand Number: B11

The new Wheeled Sandbander with support wheels will be exhibited at BTME 2009.

The Sandbander has revolutionised the way sand slits are installed on sport surfaces. The unique blade design and oscillating movement installs drainage slits with well consolidated sand, providing the best and longest lasting surface drainage solution.

From 2009 the Wheeled Sandbander complete with support wheels and low impact tyres will allow access to greens and fine turf areas with a fully loaded machine. Designed for use with the smallest 20hp tractors, the new Wheeled Sandbander gives you all the benefits of the standard Sandbander plus the added flexibility of needing a less powerful tractor, thereby further reducing the impact on the surface areas.

Main features of the Sandbander
· Fast and easy installation of 25 or 50mm sand slits with a maximum depth of 250mm (10").
· Firmly consolidates the sand to the full depth.
· Large self cleaning steel rear roller guarantees minimal heave.
· Also works well with lytag and gravel (up to 6mm).
· Now also available with trailing support wheels for use with smaller tractors.
· Capacity of 1 cubic metre for single blade unit and 2 cubic metres for dual blade unit

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