AFT Wizz Wheel 75 MK2 delivers results in some of the wettest conditions in Scotland

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Hugh Murray Contractor with AFT Wizz Wheel 75.JPGOver the past 35 years, AFT Trenchers Ltd has built a solid reputation as the foremost manufacturer of specialist drainage equipment, primarily for the sports turf sector. The AFT Wizz wheel 75 MK2 has proven itself capable of the highest performance levels in some of the least friendly terrain in the UK.

Hugh Murray of Greentech Sportsturf Limited is a professional Contractor, uses AFT equipment for sand slitting on golf courses across Scotland and the North of England. "We are currently using an AFT Wizz Wheel 75 MK2 at Cameron House Loch Lomond for sand slitting fairways." Said Hugh "Much of our contract work is based in central Scotland where weather conditions are temperamental to say the least. On the rare occasions when conditions are good, it is possible to sand slit 2,500 to 3,000 metres at one metre centres 300mm deep 50mm wide, per day, using the AFT 75." Hugh explained "I know some contractors in other parts of the UK would be delighted to achieve this output on a daily basis. But even when the conditions are poor, which I have to say is more often than not in this area, we still achieve very high work rates through our contract works based in central Scotland."

Loch Lomond AFT Wizz wheel 75.jpgAFT Trenchers Wizz Wheels 55 & 75MK2 are powerful and rugged wheel trenchers for tractors from 60 to 140hp (45-105kW), designed for the installation of intensive sports turf drainage systems. These high performance slit trenchers can dig trenches to a depth of 550 to 750mm respectively and have easily changeable digging width from 50 to 155mm. They have fast and accurate digging speeds of up to 2000 metres per hour. Both machines come with a range of pipe or cable chutes and reel carriers for one pass operation and can be fitted with Rock Wheel with bullet teeth for the toughest digging conditions, as well has having full soil clear-up systems.

AFT equipment is supplied to leading professional contractors and to many prestigious golf and sports clubs throughout the United Kingdom, Europe and America.

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