… And the competition’s – still doing a duo!

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… And the competition's - still doing a duo!

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Launched for the first time in the UK at Saltex was the new range of interchangeable greens maintenance cassette systems from TurfWorks International Ltd ™., who specialise in providing Turf Managers with mechanical solutions for the management of fine turf.

Intended for all main stream makes of triplex greens mowers and light weight fairway mowers, the range of TurfWorks cassettes are British designed and manufactured using, Sheffield Stainless Steel. The manufacturing process utilises integrated laser cutting by means of ferrous and non-ferrous materials to an accuracy of 0.1mm. A broad range of advanced engineering equipment including the latest and most advanced CNC milling and turning machines are used on items such as bearing housings and drive couplers. The design process has been augmented through a strong association with Sheffield Hallam University. The manufacturer is in possession of ISO 9002/1994 registration.

The TurfWorks patented modular chassis will fit all greens triplex power units, with interchangeable cassettes to allow a variety of operations, including: - the removal of thatch from golf greens and tees with the Thatchmaster Verticutting cassettes. The firming and levelling of the golf green playing surfaces, by means of the True Level Vibro Roller cassettes, which is a high frequency unit operating on twin rollers (so not creating a corrugating effect). Deep scarification with the scarifying cassettes, fine surface "grooming" and poa management with the Poa Destroyer cassettes, green surface sweeping with the Spiral Brush cassette, brushing in top - dressing with the Fixed Drag Brush cassettes, and vibrating and brushing in the same operation with the "Vibro Brush" attachment for the Vibro cassette.

An advantage that TurfWorks has is that the user can change cassettes on the machine and can accept a True Level Vibro Roller cassette into the same system; this is exclusive to TurfWorks International Ltd ™.

The patents and benefits that the TurfWorks cassette system can offer are;

1. Patent Pending wrench less height adjuster with visible depth gauge. An industry first that can be adjusted whilst on the course by a simple "turn & click" process.

2. Patent Pending Cassette system that enables the True Level Vibro Roller cassette to be used in addition to the usual Verti-cut, scarifier, brush etc., thereby eliminating the need to purchase two separate systems.
Operates at an impressive 83hz frequency through two rollers removing potential for "bow wave" effect suffered on single vibratory roller configurations. Corrugation problems which can actually slow down ball speed are also eliminated due to the high frequency of operation of the TurfWorks Patent Pending System.

Go it alone with the only combined vibratory inclusive cassette system - TurfWorks!

TurfWorks International Ltd

Tel: 0044 (0) 1260 22 44 67

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