Anglo/Dutch partnership secures 2006 World Cup contract

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Anglo/Dutch turf group chosen for 2006 World Cup pitches

By John Geddes

UK based turf company S F Hodgkinson & Son Ltd is delighted to announce that their Dutch partners, Hendriks Graszoden GroepMillenniumturfing.jpg

The Hendriks Graszoden Groep, who has already installed turf in over 60 stadiums across Europe during the last 10 years - stadiums in Amsterdam, Berlin, Cardiff (The Millennium Stadium in partnership with S F Hodgkinson & Son Ltd) Hamburg, Lisbon, Madrid, Monaco, Moscow, Rotterdam to name a few.


The group have recently designed and built a revolutionary installation system for 40mm turf which will be used for all 7 pitches within a 3 week period in May 2006.

Incredibly, a full sized pitch can be installed within a day !

Ian Hodgkinson (Right of picture), MD of S F Hodgkinson & Son Ltd, UK, Italy, Portugal and Scandinavian partner said :'I am very proud to be a partner of John Hendriks (Left) and the Hendriks Graszoden Groep. The turf standard and the latest installation methods are, in my opinion, probably the best in the world'.

For further information please contact Ian Hodgkinson on : +44(0) 1477 532166

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