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Sports Turf Consulting is an agronomy and golf course/sports ground management consultancy seeking to promote advanced turf management techniques for the benefit of Groundsmen/Greenkeepers and their clubs/ courses.

Noel has a proven career record being one of the few agronomists with significant hands-on experience in sports turf/greenkeeping combined with an academic training in agronomy, ecology and management. His track record with ADAS, STRI, Grass Science and TurfTrax are testament to his abilities.

Sports Turf Consulting will offer a range of bespoke systems to assist clubs on this front to support ground staff / greenkeeping personnel and their managers. The scope of this support is multi-faceted involving technical agronomy and, where required, management system analysis.

For further information please contact Noel on Tel/fax: 01285 641825 or e-mail

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