Autoguide answer the challenge

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Autoguide answer the challenge


The cut grass should be easily collected or left for hay making and in addition the blades must not damage any fragile or ancient objects they cut around plus the operator must work with minimum fatigue.

Undaunted by the above criteria, Autoguide Equipment set about the design task with relish. The result is the GAT, a sturdy, two-wheel grasscutter powered by a low revving 6hp 4-stroke Briggs & Stratton engine and a dual cutting action.

Even matted and dense growth is swiftly cleared by a 52cm cutting head consisting of three swinging nylon blades containing metal inserts for performance and long life, PLUS three lines of nylon cords for 'contact' trimming against walls, fences, gravestones, trees etc.

The cutting heads are protected by a metal hoop, which can be raised where there are no hazards.

The three nylon 'Starline' lines are each fed by a central drum containing 2 metres of replacement line meaning a minimum of downtime replacing worn line.

Large wheels with traction tyres cope easily on wet ground and banks whilst Hydrostatic transmission means manoeuvrability is a breeze.

Fine balance with fingertip control makes the GAT a must in a variety of maintenance situations, and folding handle bars make transport easy.

The GAT is supplied complete with tools, spare blades and cutting line in a sturdy tool box and is priced at £1500 plus Vat and carriage.

Further enquiries from Autoguide Equipment Ltd on 01380 850885.

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