Autoguide’s new Flail-Safe mower

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Autoguide's new Flail-Safe mower

The Verti-Flail 2 ® has been designed and built by Autoguide Equipment as an alternative to the flail head and remarkably can cut vegetation up to a height of 2 metres with a diameter of 25mm.

The new mower, which is now in full production at Autoguide's Wiltshire home, incorporates a patented twin rotor system with four blades producing a real quality finish in even the harshest of mowing conditions.

Rotating 'saucer' skids minimise scalping and the blades can be changed in a matter of minutes to turn the machine into a clean cut and efficient mulcher.

Twin belts provide shock protection combined and timing is via two gearboxes taking out the stepped effect the blades produced on a previous system. The new deck can now be used for rough cutting and mow verges down to a mere 60mm by changing the spacers on the rotating saucers skids.

The Autoguide Verti-Flail 2 ® can fit most out-front mowers in the 25-40hp class.

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