Barenbrug announces tall fescue breakthrough

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Barenbrug UK, the specialist grass seed breeders, have launched a dramatic new tall fescue called RTF (Rhizomatous Tall Fescue). This astonishing variety is tolerant of the most challenging conditions and creates a dense, tightly knit sward, making it the perfect choice for turf production and for sports pitches prone to dry, infertile or waterlogged conditions.

Traditionally, tall fescues can be slow to establish, coarse-leaved and less attractive. An existing successful Barenbrug-bred variety, Barbizon, overcomes most of these disadvantages, having fine leaves and deep roots that promote turf vigour. New RTF goes even further, having the characteristic of producing rhizomes - underground stems that spread laterally to create new growth, in similar fashion to smooth-stalked meadowgrass.

RTF's rhizomatous habit means it creates an astonishingly dense and close-knit sward, which establishes very quickly and can fill in damaged areas. This increases wear tolerance and disease resistance, as well as discouraging weed invasion. The result is a sward that requires less maintenance, owing to the reduced need for fertiliser, chemicals and overseeding. And this means reduced costs.

Turf producers will find that the close-knit sward means that the harvested turf is stronger, with much less risk of damage during the harvesting process.

RTF produces roots that penetrate down to 1.2m-1.8m (4ft-6ft), allowing it to tap into water and nutrients in adverse conditions. It also gives an early spring 'green-up' and maintains a pleasing dark green colour all year round.

Barenbrug UK's Managing Director, Paul Johnson, says, "RTF proves once again our on-going commitment to meeting turf professional's needs."

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