Bayer Environmental Science at Saltex 2006

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Bayer Environmental Science at Saltex 2006
The Bayer Environmental Science stand (number GO3) at Saltex 2006 will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the amenity market's top selling fungicide, Chipco Green® and the first UK exhibition presentation of chafer grub control, Merit Turf®.

Chipco Green® is the most established contact fungicide in the managed turf market, having first been introduced to the amenity market in 1981. It is estimated that 90% of the golf courses in UK and Ireland use Chipco Green®.

Prior to 2002 the product was known as Rovral® Green, but in March of that year, it changed to Chipco Green® to bring the branding in line with US and European marketing.
The introduction of Merit Turf®, in April this year, made the first chafer grub control available to UK greenkeepers, turf managers and landscapers for over five years. In extensive trials prior to the launch, users were regularly reporting in excess of 90% control of this notorious turf pest followed by rapid green-up of affected areas.

Full details of both these products and Bayer Environmental Science's range of fungicides, pesticides and herbicides will be available on the stand, together with free copies of the ever popular Turf Pests and Diseases wallchart.

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