Bioclere® launches range of high rate composters in the UK and Eire

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220 ComposterBioclere® launches its range of Biolan® high rate composters in the UK and Eire.

Developed in Finland where the composting and recycling of kitchen and garden waste has long been common practice, the latest generation of composters, optimize the composting process under all weather conditions, in secure, rodent and scavenger proof, enclosures.

550 ComposterThe Biolan® 220 and 550 composters efficiently convert food waste from domestic and commercial kitchens, into a safe nutrient rich soil conditioner. The effective control of temperature, air distribution and humidity within the insulated structure enables mature compost to be rapidly produced. This is easily removed via the lower sub-hatch, whilst the fresh mass above continues the composting process.

The "Garden" and "Hot Rock" composters carry out the same process with a mixture of garden and kitchen waste, and are constructed in durable polyethylene for an exceptionally long service life.

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