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Mickey-Hyam-Wigan_website.jpgPeterborough based Blec Machinery have recently completed a week long, five venue demonstration tour to show off their latest developments. Starting at Nottingham Rugby Club on Monday 21st April and taking in Manchester City FC, Wigan Warriors and Rugby School before ending on Friday 25th at Northampton 'Saints' RFC.

Six pieces of new equipment were put through their paces by the Blec demo team each day to grounds staff at every venue as well as turfcare personnel from several visiting clubs who attended.

Blec have long been famous for their Sand Master sand slitting machine, available as an attachment for the Ground Breaker rotary decompactor range. The latest offering is the Vibra-Tine Sand Master available in 1m/1.5m/2m configurations.

Picture :-Mickey Higham Wigan Warriors 1st team Hooker (centre) pictured with attending groundsmen and Blec Vibra-Tine Sand MasterPerfect-20mm-sand-bands--Rugby-School-jpg_website.jpg

All models are now fitted with a unique oscillating coulter feeder unit, enabling the slits produced by the decompactor to be neatly filled with moist sand from full working depth to the turf surface. Application rates of 1-1.5 tonnes of sand per 100 m2 are possible and a football pitch can be completed in approximately 6 hours.

Starting with a retail price of £18,975.00 plus VAT for the 1m model complete with Ground Breaker decompactor, the Vibra- Tine Sand Master certainly impressed all who saw it during the demo days.

Blec officially launched its new Multi Seeder at Harrogate Week in January 2008. With its twin floating multi-spike rollers producing 1500 holes per m2 the seeder can follow ground undulations unlike fixed roller seeders.

The weight transfer linkage increases down pressure on hard surfaces and the machine can accurately apply seed @5-50 grms m2. It comes complete with a hydraulic shut-off, Smooth roller and adjustable drag brush. The Multi Seeder is available in widths from 1m-3m and light and heavy duty versions to suit all needs.

Picture :-The Blec Multi Seeder is put through its paces at Manchester City FC - Lee Jackson of Man City liked the twin floating multi spike rollers which follow undulations



The Blec Agrivator is a unique vibratory decompactor/aerator which can penetrate the hardest ground to depths of 18cm (7") shattering heavily compacted soils-the vibration tremors can be felt up to 1 metre from the machine in any direction. Pitches can be completed in 60 minutes making this one of the fastest machines around.

The tines run on a simple off-set cam system to produce the vibrating action resulting in an extremely durable and reliable machine much appreciated by contractors and local authorities. This machine is currently enjoying huge success in the USA where it has become almost standard equipment at football stadiums across the continent.

Available in 2.4 m working width and suitable for tractors in the 50-100 hp categories it retails in the UK @£11,500.00 plus VAT. The Agrivator also has 'kid brother' 1.5m and 2 m versions which can be fitted with interchangeable cassettes to allow verti-cutting and grooming/brushing/raking, together with a neat seed hopper attachment to complement a multi-tine cassette producing 650 holes per m2. The smaller machines will suit 20-45 hp and 30-60hp tractors respectively.



Picture :-James Mead( right) Head Groundman at Rugby School was "Well impressed" with the Blec Agrivator

The Blec Vibra- Tine Sand Injector has been developed from the Sand Master for fine turf surfaces such as golf greens, tees and fairways. Unlike its sister machine however, the Sand Injector does not require fitment to a Ground Breaker decompactor, being mounted directly onto a tractor by 3 pt linkage or draw bar when fitted with a wheel kit. The 1m model is ideal for golf greens and can be used with tractors of around 40 hp capacity to inject 1 tonne of moist sand per 100 m2- vastly improving drainage at the fraction of the cost of a greens rebuild.



Picture :-The Vibra-Tine Sand Master was much admired by everyone at Rugby School .

As was the 61cm (24") Blec Uni-Seeder with its 6 hp Honda engine and roller punching 1300 holes per m2 into a cricket square


A very compact 'One man' 1m Blec Uni-Spread hydraulically operated top dresser did stirling service at Nottingham Rugby Club training ground at Trent Bridge. Rugby Legend David Powell of Northampton 'Saints' RFC was so impressed that he bought the demo model there and then on the final day! The Uni-Spread is available in widths of 1m/1.5m/2m with a hopper capacity of 1 tonne/1.5 tonne/2 tonne.


Picture:- Ex England player and Groundsman David Powell of Northampton RFC bought the demo machine!


Picture:-Blec Uni-Spread top dresser at Nottingham RFC

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