British Seed Houses Competition Winners

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Congratulations to all entrants who identified Abersprite as the leading variety of Lawn, Landscape, Summer Sports and Turf Trial seed as rated in the Buyers Guide to Amenity Turfgrasses 2007. Abersprite is present in both British Seed Houses' A22 Low Maintenance and Grade A5 for summer sports.

Winners x 3 (Receive British Seed Houses' 1 X 20kg bag of A22, Low Maintenance)

Chris Knisely
John Folkord
Colin V Wade

Runners Up x 7 (All Receive 1 x 1kg Family Lawn Seed Pack)

Stephen WellsBRITISH-SEED-HOUSES-#122982.jpg
Tommy McAloon
Chris Jones
David Smith
Trisha Byford
Kerry Thomas
James Foxley

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