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Are you looking to achieve greater efficiency in water usage? Do you want to optimize the benefits of your irrigation system? Are you looking at reducing your irrigation costs whilst maximising turf quality? Are you aiming to encourage a particular turfgrass species? ………… then this is the course for you.

British Turf & Landscape Irrigation Association Education Modules are delivered by acknowledged industry experts with countless years of experience in the design, installat ion and operation of irrigation systems. At the request of turf managers, the 2007 Foundation and Certificate Modules are now offered on a day-release basis in selected areas of the Country to provide a greater opportunity to maximise staff development whilst minimising the impact on labour schedules.

All of the 5 seminars that collectively form each module begin at 09.30, following welcoming refreshments from 08.30, and conclude at 16.30. Lunch and refreshments, tutorial time and comprehensive workbooks are all included in the Course Fees.

Foundation Module: Each natural sports turf area has a unique requirement, be it a part of a multi-sports complex or golf course. Water usage is determined by soil characteristics, the grass species, micro-climatic factors, management regime, and the dictates of the sporting surface. Effective and efficient irrigation is determined by the quality of system design and the expertise of the operator.

The BTLIA Foundation Module has been designed to raise the level of expertise by eliminating much of the 'guess work' from irrigation management and enables turf managers to more accurately assess system efficiency and grass species requirements. It provides a wealth of stimulating information and 'wets' the appetite for further learning.

Certificate Module: A natural progression from the Foundation Module, the Certificate Module has been designed so that an operator can more effectively operate and maintain an automatic irrigation system. Diagnosing malfunctions and weaknesses, conducting simple repairs and adjustments, and avoiding common pitfalls are all included in the programme.

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