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NEW Sprayers Image EXTENDWhen you buy an ATV mounted sprayer you want to be sure the pump, tank and fittings are all built for long service life. After all, they are going to take a lot of punishment out there in the field. Next you want accuracy when you're spraying. Anyone creating or maintaining a sterile strip to prevent aggressive weeds spreading or dealing with wildlife conservation areas, for example, will want to be as precise as possible.

"Durability, accuracy and versatility are the hallmarks of our WS sprayers," say manufacturers Wessex of their ATV mounted sprayers. The clever design, with standard and offset nozzles and anti-drip valves, gives an even spray of chemicals ranging from 1.5 metres up to 5 metres, depending on the choice of boom. Which means large areas can be sprayed quickly and effectively.

The Whale pump used in the sprayers is said to be twenty percent more efficient on the draw from the battery than other types of pump. The 55 litre polyethylene tank is rotomoulded as opposed to being blow moulded so it is tough and durable. The user-friendly features include being easy to clean and empty and the tank is rounded to prevent slopping.

There is an in-line suction filter and gauze on the pipe to prevent pump contamination. Built-in lifting handles make the units easy to move and mount on the ATV and all Wessex sprayers come with a hand lance and hose as standard for spot spraying. What is also important is that Wessex WS sprayer booms are kept within the width of the ATV so there is no snagging on posts, trees or other objects. The size of the boom is dependent on the pump size, with four to choose from, and the boom height is adjustable.

There are three WS models, the difference between them being the pump flow rate: 3.8ltr per minute, 8ltr/min and 18ltr/min at 3 bar maximum pressure, although that is variable on the larger models. Wessex sprayers are made in Britain and they are celebrating fifty years of manufacturing. Broadwood International 01420 478111 www.broadwoodintl.co.uk

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