BunkerMaster scores with greens staff

Tony Hawkinsin Machinery & Mechanics

What could be more frustrating than seeing even a light shower ruin a recently dressed bunker? Frequent showers at this time of the year are bound to make greens staff hesitant to rake bunkers before competition days, but then you can't leave it all to the last minute in preparation.

A Mantis BunkerMaster could be your ideal solution. That is, if you want to be able to dress a bunker in around a quarter of the time normally spent using old fashioned tools, leaving you free to prepare nearer the event, and allowing less time for inclement weather to wash away the benefits of raking bunkers.

So the BunkerMaster scores for speed and efficiency but what else does it offer? Well, it will also help greens staff re-profile sand levels after the winter season and it's a good all-round tool for use around the course. You can switch from sand trap restoration and working tight edges and banks to quickly dealing with areas thick with moss, thatch, overgrown grass and ingrained sand along banks.

The BunkerMaster is very light and, combined with its compact shape, it's easy to carry around the course in a buggy or UTV. There's a choice of powerful commercial grade 4-stroke engines, either Honda 25cc or Subaru 35cc and the powertrain is virtually indestructible. Easy to use, an improvement on staff productivity with less effort required and a low cost all-round solution, the BunkerMaster also scores with the benefit of a two-year warranty in commercial use.


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