Campey announces Ground Breaking Koro Developments

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Koro-Recycling-Dresser-2500.jpg Campey Turf Care Systems has unveiled exciting additions to the Koro range of groundcare equipment that it distributes throughout the UK.

Of particular significance are two new versions of the Field Top Maker, a machine that is being used by more and more turf professionals and contractors seeking fast and cost-effective rejuvenation of hard-pressed sports surfaces. Its adjustable blades skim off the compacted top layer of soil to depths of up to 6cm (2¼in), quickly removing thatch and other undesirable organic material.

The range has now been extended with the launch of the FTM 2500, the largest Field Top Maker yet with an operating width of 2.5m (8ft 2in). Recommended for use with tractors of at least 90hp and with a creeper speed gearbox fitted, it is ideal for turf professionals seeking the highest possible work-rates and maximum effectiveness. The machine incorporates a heavy-duty drive train and large capacity belts, and a horizontal conveyor is fitted as standard.

Also new is a radically innovative version of the FTM 1200 model, featuring a modular construction principle that will eventually be extended throughout the Field Top maker range, which will be designated as FTM Mark II machines. Previewed last year, the new version of the 1.2m (47in) unit is now in full production. The main advantage is that customers can now specify certain features depending on their available budget, with the opportunity to add other features at a later date.

With the modular FTM 1200, users can specify a conveyor belt, a collector box or a deflector plate, and all can be interchanged within 30 minutes. This enables users to choose the option that best suits the type and size of the task they have to undertake. Changing the rotors has also been simplified thanks to a horizontal slide system on the three-point linkage.

This method of construction has also enabled Koro's designers to incorporate a new frame design that helps the machine give consistent results on any terrain, with superior material flow. The maximum capacity of the unit has also been increased, giving even greater operational efficiency.

Campey Turf Care Systems believe the FTM 1200 is ideal for work on golf courses and other sports turf surfaces.

Other enhancements on the FTM Mark II models include easier maintenance, with even simpler access to the rotor and belts. There is also an increased range of cutting blade options, with a choice of rotors for fraise mowing or verti-cutting, or Koro's patent pending MULTI rotor, which can perform either task.

Announcing the latest developments at a special Press Conference held during the BTME 2007 exhibition in Harrogate, Frans van der Pols, the International Sales Representative of worldwide Koro distributor Pols International, explained that other modular features for the Field Top Maker would be developed. This will enable users to fine-tune their machine, which will always remain up-to-date.
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