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He turned to local specialists, Campey Turf Care Systems of Macclesfield, the distributors of professional grounds care machinery, who recommended their Koro Field Topmaker and Dakota 410 Turf Tender units.

Tim has used the Koro Field Topmaker for seasonal rejuvenation work over the last three years to combat the problem. It features blades that can be set from 4cm (1½ in) above ground to 6cm (2¼ in) below, to skim off the top layer of vegetation and soil.

Set low, the standard blades remove thatch and other undesirable material, leaving grass roots intact for re-growth. Disley Golf Club also use the Koro Field Topmaker with deep vertical scarifying blades to carry out linear aeration down to 50mm (2in). Removed material is simultaneously taken via hydraulically driven conveyors into a trailer alongside.

Tim Kemball is particularly impressed by the speed of the machine, which allows all greens to be treated within two days, by just two staff. "The Koro Field Topmaker is really easy to use, and it helped create a perfect seedbed, leading to excellent uptake of overseeded bent grass," he says.

Tim is equally enthusiastic about the Dakota 410 Turf Tender, which is used after the Koro Field Topmaker to apply top-dressing speedily and effectively. The unit has a 23 cu ft (0.63 cu m), hopper and a maximum spreading width of 30ft (9m), and it enables Disley Golf Club staff to top-dress a green in just one minute, with great accuracy. It has a user-friendly design, with precise controls located near the operator governing the speed, pattern and volume of material.

"The Dakota 410 is the single best piece of kit I've ever used in greens renovation," enthuses Tim. "It is so easy to operate and to calibrate - it's simply fantastic."

The Dakota 410 can also be used to move materials to site, spread fertiliser, sow grass seed and even to fill bunkers. A true all-rounder

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