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Renowned machinery dealer, Campey Turf Care Systems, is excited to announce the launch of Campey Australia. This expansion will see an established Campey Turf Care presence in the country which will collaborate with dealers to provide the leading machinery and customer service Campey is known for.

The Australian arm of the brand will be overseen by Campey Product Specialist Rob Jenkins, who is based in Melbourne and has 20 years of turf experience across the world from top stadiums and golf courses through consultancy and sales. During his time in the UK, Rob worked with Campey and gained what he sees as a 'sales apprenticeship' from Richard Campey, making him the perfect candidate to lead the expansion.

"I'm excited to be working with Campey again and get back to what I learnt when I was in the UK," Rob begins. "I've used the Campey ideology throughout my career, and that is built on a range of sports turf renovation equipment designed to rejuvenate worn pitches quickly without reliance on manufactured chemicals.

"Over time, I've seen a lot of countries turn away from harmful synthetic products to sustainable approaches to rejuvenate the soil, and in that area, Campey has it all. They have been providing these machines for over 30 years with proven results all over the globe, and we want to establish that in Australia.

"Another part of their philosophy is getting machines out for people to try and demo. We'll be working with our dealers as part of that process because getting out to customers is what has made the Campey name renowned not just in the UK but across many parts of the world, and we want to replicate that here. Of course, a large part of that is the service they provide, and we are currently looking for dealers in all States who can collaborate with us to provide that.

"We'll have access to Campey's large and varied range of used products, including a huge array of ex-demo and re-furbished equipment that will be included into regular shipping containers arriving into Australia, so this market will be very well serviced."

As part of the expansion, a website,, dedicated to Australia, is being launched in the Spring, with information on all Campey Australia dealers and available machinery. Enquiries can be made to:

Export Sales Manager for Campey Turf Care, Nick Brown is delighted to welcome Rob on behalf of the whole team. 'This project is very much a part of the current expansion programme that has recently seen the appointment of 15 additional Campey distributors across the world. Campey Australia is an extension of this and plays an important part in channelling sales across this strategically important area.

Nick can be contacted direct on mobile +44 (0) 7974 318584 and Rob Jenkins on: +61 415 053 730

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