Choose Campey for Maximum Efficiency

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Choose Campey for Maximum Efficiency

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Shown on the Campey stand for the first time will be the TurfWorks International Amenity Management System. Designed to fit most popular greens triples, this new greens maintenance system transforms greens mowers into incredibly versatile turf care machines. The System comprises cassette modules that replace the cutting reels, enabling a host of other essential tasks such as scarification, grooming, brushing, slitting and spiking to be carried out all from the same system. In addition there is the added benefit of being able to add a vibrating roller which operates on twin rollers, or in combination with other cassettes.

The TurfWorks International Amenity Management System maximises equipment utilisation and reduces the amount of costly machinery that a golf course has to buy and maintain. Pre-launch cassettes include the "ThatchMaster" verticutter and the "TrueLevel" vibrating rollers with other cassette options being available in the coming months.

Also featured will be the Dakota Turf Tender top-dresser range. These multi-tasking units can transport materials, top-dress, spread fertiliser and sow seed, and are quickly becoming the most popular top dresser in the UK. The new 414 model on show is designed for use with tractors of 35hp and above and it has a hopper capacity of 3.2m3. The width of spread is adjusted easily by electro-hydraulic controls and can be set between 3.5-9.0m. The rear discharge spinner mechanism is designed to distribute material evenly, whether wet or dry. The 414 has four large 20" wide turf tyres to avoid marking sensitive surfaces, while independent walking beam axles enable ground contours to be negotiated efficiently. A maximum working speed of 7.5mph ensures high productivity.

Also from Dakota is a new range of Turf Trailers. The 550 model has a massive 5000kg payload capacity, yet exerts minimal pressure on the turf. The ruggedly built machine has a walking beam axle and four turf tyres. It is tractor-driven and has a 25" (63cm) tipping height and operation could not be easier, with all functions being controlled from the driver's seat.

Campeys' Saltex stand will also highlight the impressive Koro equipment range for speedy sports ground rejuvenation without reliance on chemicals. Machines on show will include the Koro Field TopMaker, which skims off compacted soil and deposits it via a conveyor into an adjacent trailer. The Field TopMaker can be fitted with a special scarifying reel to remove thatch faster and at greater depths than other machines. In one pass, the unit reduces thatch and lateral growth, collects debris and causes minimal surface disturbance. The scarifying reel treats fine turf at spacings of 20, 40 or 60mm, and gets right to the heart of the problem. Depth of operation is adjusted via screw jacks, from 1-50mm, and a mid-mounted anti-scalp roller allows the unit to follow ground undulations.

The Raycam Core Harvester will feature on the Campey stand as well. This collects cores speedily via its fully floating and adjustable pick-up head, having been gathered by guides extending on either side of the unit. By using the Raycam Core Harvester, turf professionals can achieve a clean playing surface quickly and efficiently, with minimal labour.

Groundsmen seeking cost-effective equipment for turf maintenance and renovation will find many more innovative solutions on the Campey stand at Saltex, which runs from 6-8 September at Windsor Racecourse.

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