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Huge clearance sale on a wide range of ornamental trees, ideal for decorative foliage for golf courses and landscapes. Genuine clearance, offer finishes end of March- we have received excellent feedback from Greenkeepers who have all viewed and purchased stock and been impressed by the quality, range and superb price of the trees available. .

10-14FT TREES @ 20.80

15-18FT TREES @ 30.30

Prices are based on minimum quantities of 5 per variety and are available for despatch during January/February.
We can also supply other specially selected trees suitable for spinney or group planting at special rates.

For further information and questions on other varieties and sizes available please contact the Pitchcare Office.
Tel : 01902 824392
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Native Varieties
Acer Campestre - field maple
Deciduous, round-headed, low branched tree. Small, dense, five lobed leaves sometimes
pinkish-red at first. Long lasting, red and gold autumn foliage. Corky, light brown twigs.
1Acer Campestre 3.JPG

Carpinus betulus - hornbeam
Oval, prominently veined, dark green leaves that turn yellow and orange in autumn. The leaves
can remain on the tree until spring or when the new growth appears. Bears green catkins from
late spring to autumn, when clusters of winged nuts appear.
2 Carpinus bet.JPG
Carpinus betulus Fastigiata - hornbeam
Deciduous, erect tree with a very distinctive flame-like outline, that becomes more open with age.
Oval, prominently veined, dark green leaves that turn yellow and gold in autumn.
3 Carpinus bet Fastigiata-1.JPG
Fraxinus excelsior - common ash
Vigorous, deciduous, spreading tree. Timber widely used. Dark green leaves with usually 9-11 oval leaflets,
becoming yellow in autumn. Black leaf buds are conspicuous in winter.
4 Fraxinus exclesior 3.JPG

Tilia cordata - small leaved lime
A native, deciduous, round headed tree. Has small heart shaped, glossy dark green leaves
and small ivory white fragrant flowers in mid-summer.
5 Tilia Cordata 2-1.JPG
Flowering Varieties
Aesculus carnea - red flowering horse chestnut
This hybrid has very large, dark green leaves. Pyramidal in shape when very young, developing
slowly into a round, very dense tree. The pink/bright scarlet blooms appear between May and June.
Aesculus carnea 2.JPG
Prunus padus Albertii - bird cherry
Deciduous, spreading tree, conical when young. Fragrant almond scented white flowers in
pendant spikes during late spring, followed by small, black fruits late summer. Dark green leaves turn yellow in autumn.
6 Prunus albertii 2.JPG
Quercus cerris - turkey oak
One of the fastest growing, of the oak family. Deciduous, spreading tree of stately habit.
Fully hardy. Coarsely toothed leaves slightly rough to touch.
7 Quercus Cerris 2.JPG
Sorbus auc. Asplenifolia - cut leafed mountain ash
Deciduous, small/medium, elegant, upright, shapely tree with deeply cut and toothed leaflets,
giving leaves a fern-like effect. Bears deep rich crimson fruits in autumn. Outstanding variety.
8 Sorbus asplen 2-1.JPG
Sorbus Commixta - mountain ash
Columnar when young, broadening slightly with maturity. The winter buds are long, sticky and
pointed. Leaves are glabrous, glossy green above, coppery when young, colouring richly in autumn.
Large erect bunches of small, globular red and orange-red fruits. One of the best for autumn colouring.
9 Sorbus commixta 2.JPG
Colour/Foliage Varieties
Acer pseud. Leopoldii - variegated sycamore
Deciduous, small spreading densely branched tree. Has beautifully marked leaves yellow/pink at first,
later green splashed with yellow and white. Better variegation in full sun.
10 Acer Leopoldii 2-1.JPG
Acer pseud. Spaethii - purple leaved sycamore
One of the fastest growing sycamore. Purple leaves with green underneath. This creates a fantastic
two tone color. Good autumn color with leaves turning buttermilk to yellow/orange during the Autumn.
11 Acer Spaethii 2-1.JPG
Fraxinus exc.Raywood - claret ash
Narrow at first broadening with age into a beautiful specimen tree. Narrow leaflets arranged in a
circular fan shape cover the branches. The foliage in autumn turns plum purple - exceptional autumnal interest.
12 Frax raywood 3.JPG
Prunus Trailblazer - purple leaved plum/cherry
A very popular form with large dark red young foliage turning to a deep purple. White flowers appear in
great profusion between March and April.
13 Prunus Trailblazer-1.JPG
Tilia Tomentosa - silver leaved lime
A handsome, stately tree with erect branches with white-felted shoots. Leaves are sharply toothed,
dark green above, silvery-white tomentose beneath. Particularly attractive when ruffled by a breeze.
14 Tilia tomentosa 2.JPG Limited.

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