Countax Launch New Combi Deck for C330 ‘Mini’ Ride-on Mower

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2008_CTX_Working_C330ByCacti.jpgCountax have developed a new grass cutter deck capable of either mulching or cutting and collecting grass for the C330 'Mini' ride-on Mower.

The new 76cm (30") Combi cutter deck uses the same blade for both mulch mowing and standard, rear discharge, cutting, and to convert between the two options is a simple procedure, either fitting or removing the rear section of the cutter deck.

There is no need for any tools, a small black hand-turn wheel located just in front of the rear wheel holds the rear section or the cutter deck in place. For mulch mowing, the rear section of the deck is required, and to enable discharge of cut grass into a grass collector, the section should be removed. To switch between grass cutting options takes less than a minute.

Mulching is a popular alternative to cutting and collecting grass, ideally suited to lawns which are already maintained, and for prolonged dry weather conditions when grass growth is slow. The single blade mulch system within the specially designed cutter deck on the C330 lifts the grass to re-cut it again and again, reducing the grass to tiny particles. These are then injected back into the cut grass, providing a natural feed for the turf. Using a mulching deck will save time as there is no need to empty the grass collector, and it also means there is no pile of grass cuttings

For those gardeners who prefer to cut and collect grass with the rear discharge deck option, the new C330 powered grass collector employs brushed powered collection that efficiently sweeps up grass cuttings, leaves and litter, even in the wettest of conditions. The cleverly designed air flow system prevents clogging, ensuring efficient grass collection and storage of 255 litres of grass cuttings. Like no other ride-on mower system, the powered brush within the grass collector also lifts moss, and stimulates healthy turf growth. The rear roller of the powered grass collector creates the traditional British striped lawn for which Countax mowers are renowned.

The key advantages of this new combination cutter deck from Countax is that you can cut longer, wet grass and eject, then convert your mower to a mulcher without the cost of purchasing a separate specialist cutter deck.

Operating on a 389cc single cylinder Honda engine, the new C330 has an overall width of just 83cm, and has been designed to fit easily through a standard size gateway. The Countax C330 is ideally suited for gardens from 1/2 of an acre in size, and is highly manoeuvrable. The cutter deck has been positioned offset for close cutting around trees and other obstacles, and precise cutting around flower beds. The foot controlled hydrostatic transmission and ultra light-weight manual deck height adjustment make the new C330 easy to operate.

The new C330 Countax ride-on mower and combi deck is available from authorised Countax dealers, and has a SRP of £2090 including VAT and the 76cm combi deck. The new 255 litre capacity powered grass collector has an SRP of £395 including VAT.

Contact 01844 278800 for brochure and full price list.

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PHOTO: The New Countax C330 Ride-on Mower

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