Custom TORO Sprinkler solution saves Cemetery Marble

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ABMC Cambridge Ameri#32D84B.jpgThe manager of the American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC) Cambridge American Cemetery and Memorial site in Madingley, Cambridge, says that its newly installed Toro Irrigation system is the saving grace of the site's marble headstones.

The 30-acre site has been installed with a Toro GDC controller system featuring a combination of spray and drip irrigation using equipment specially manufactured by Toro. Key to the system's success is a purpose-made nozzle produced by Toro for use in all of the ABMC sites across the world. Fitted to a Toro 754 rotor, the nozzle was created to produce a very steep spray trajectory to clear the cemetery's 3,812 Italian marble headstones.

Says cemetery manager Les Turner: "The specially adapted 754 sprinklers are perfect because standard sprinklers would otherwise hit the marble and wear it down. And the system as a whole is 100 times better than our old one, which was a 15-year-old PVC system that was breaking down some four or five times a year. The new Toro system saves a lot of time and effort and is a major step forward for us."

ABMC Cambridge Ameri#32D84C.jpgFor more information on Toro Irrigation products, call distributor Lely UK on 01480 226848/226872 or email

Toro Irrigation products are distributed throughout the UK and Ireland by Lely UK Limited, 1 Station Road, St Neots, PE19 1QH. Call 01480 226848/226872, email or visit for further details.

Pictures:-: Cambridge American Cemetery's Toro sprinkler system has been customised so that the spray clears the site's marble headstones and Cemetery manager Les Turner operates the GDC control system.

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