'D’ Turf Care System is a heavy duty ideal for use on sports pitches or any other large areas of turf

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The SCH (Supplies) Ltd 'D' Turf Care System is a heavy duty range which is ideal for use on sports pitches or any other large areas of turf.

Various attachments are available including Deep Mounted Slitter (ref DSM), Mounted Deep Aerator (Ref DAM), Hollow Tine Corer (Ref DHTC), De-Thatching Rake (Ref DDTC)The Sorrel Roller (Ref DSR) and a version of the slitter that has individually replaceable tines, (Ref DSM2).

The carrying frame (Ref DMF) is three point linkage mounted (category 1) and has a floating roller to push back divots without closing the penetrations made by the attachments. There is also a weight tray which is used to add weight for extra penetration or can be used to carry tools.

The Mounted Frame (DMF) which is essential is priced at £620.00 plus VAT. Attachments start at £690.00 plus VAT.

Another popular item in the range is the Combination Turf Groomer (Ref 4GCS) (See photograph)

It's a three point linkage mounted, multi-tasking unit that will groom pitches prior to use or after play. A star shaped slitter bar pierces the surface and increases drainage, then a brush and rake bards tickle over the surface enhancing the quality and appearance of the turf. A rear roller then firms up the surface and provides much admired striping.

All three tools on this all-in-one unit are independently adjustable for depth and pressure.

Full details of this and all the other machinery available from SCH please visit the website, www.schsupplies.co.uk, or for a free copy of the 80 page brochure email sales@schsupplies.co.uk or telephone 01473 328272

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