Demo proves Toro ‘best for the job’ at Haven Seashore

Izzy Cutlerin Machinery & Mechanics

A demonstration of the Toro ProLine H800 for Haven Seashore Holiday Park was all it took to bring improvement to the grounds of the 57-acre site in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.

As part of a national portfolio of 40 holiday parks and with a rolling investment programme to bring improvements to all, the timing for the ProLine coming on board and resulting in the quality of the grounds having never been better according to site manager John Zoet, is exemplary.

"The company has invested more in Seashore after seeing how well the park has been doing," says John. "We have a new swimming pool and restaurant among other additions, and now there's pressure to raise the bar of the park's grounds in line with the improvements to the park's facilities. With Toro on board that has been easy to do - the ProLine has definitely improved the grounds here; in fact they've never been better."

As a direct collect rotary mower, the ProLine H800 combines the precision cutting expected of a Toro rotary mower with an added high volume 810 litre hopper allowing customers to cut more and stop less. Resulting in hassle-free grounds maintenance and minimised downtime, the features of the ProLine have certainly impressed at Seashore Holiday Park.

"The ProLine H800 picks up all the cuttings while still leaving a beautiful cut," John explains. "It's absolutely the best mower we've got, and the quality is incredible. We normally go with another brand for our maintenance equipment, but then we had a demonstration and saw the ProLine in action. It was eye opening to see."

"The way the ProLine H800 works is just perfect for us. After mowing we can easily tip the contents of the hopper into any skip we have on site," continues John. "Plus, the maintenance is easier. Unlike other mowers we have, you don't have to take the deck off to clean it, it just flips up easily which was something that really stood out when we had the demonstration."

And the ProLine hasn't failed to keep impressing since its demonstration says John: "The grounds maintenance here is a never ending job, so having a robust machine able to handle that, reduce downtime and still provide excellent results - well, it speaks for itself the value that brings."

Since its launch two years ago the ProLine has been making its mark on both grounds and fine-turf customers, such is its versatility, and the fact that it can trim right up to the edges of pathways and borders is a huge plus for parks and urban areas.

"Customers notice the little things," says John. "The fine finish around the caravans for example and around playgrounds and trees. It's this level of care and attention that keeps people coming back and another reason why we opted for Toro."

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