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dennisDennis continue to show how their mowing machinery enables turf professionals to benefit from cutting edge technology.

Among Dennis' range of machinery are the successful range of pedestrian mowers, combining quality of performance with astonishing versatility.

The interchangeable cassette machines have cutting widths from 17-34in (43-86cm) and can accept a wide range of quick-attach cassettes for other essential turf care tasks. These include cutting cylinders, scarifiers, brushes, verti-cutters, a roller, a sorrel roller and a slitter.

This genuine multi-tasking capability has revolutionised turf maintenance. "Our interchangeable cassette machines really ease the workload of groundsmen and greenkeepers," says Dennis' Managing Director, Ian Howard. "Being able to fit different cassettes to the one machine maximises efficiency and reduces capital requirements for other equipment.

"This also means that various tasks can be carried out quickly and at the right time, rather than having to wait to use a different machine or having to purchase one. Feedback from turf professionals, contractors, local authorities and other customers confirms this," he continues.

Dennis believe that the range's flexibility and performance have enabled a dramatic improvement in the quality of sports and amenity turf throughout the world, as grounds care professionals can always use the right machine at the right time.

The G860 model is one of the several G series machines built on the FT principle and designed for the most demanding operators such as contractors. The 34in (86cm) wide machine can also accept a wide range of attachments, again giving multi-tasking benefits.

The G860 has a reliable Honda engine, like the majority of Dennis machines and, weighing only 166kg, it is easily manoeuvred. It incorporates a steel-geared differential in an oil bath to facilitate turns without scuffing the grass, and a cast, 3-section aluminium ribbed roller ensures positive traction. As with other Dennis mowers, controls are figured for easy operation and maintenance is straightforward with service points easily accessible.

Dennis engineers have also paid close attention to the ergonomics of the machine and have developed design features to minimise levels of noise and vibration. This is helping managers ensure they meet their Health & Safety obligations regarding employee welfare.

Dennis have invested heavily in product development, customer support and systems over the last 12 months to match the growing needs of the company. The most recent arrival at the Derby works are 3 state of the art CNC machining centres, bringing dramatic improvements to component delivery times. Lean manufacturing systems have now been introduced across the whole company. This £120,000 investment is our biggest ever, said Ian Howard, Dennis MD. It brings much of our manufacturing back in house, enhancing quality and delivery control. Indeed, we now have the capacity for extra work to cope with our growing commitments.

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